A Backwoods Burial


Side Quests


Old Lestallum

Quest Giver




A Backwoods Burial is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Yet another hunter has fallen, and Dave needs help retrieving their dog tag. Noctis agrees to venture into the wilderness and find the tag for the sake of the bereaved family."


A Backwoods Burial Objectives

  1. Retrieve the dog tag
  2. Return to Dave



A Backwoods Burial Rewards



A Backwoods Burial Walkthrough

  • Dave is now found in Old Lestallum, under a canopy by the eastermost yellow house. Speak to the tipster at the local diner then head to the designated waypoint to the north, where the river branches into two streams. The Scratched Dog Tag lies near an abadoned wooden barn. Take it back to Dave to finish the quest.




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