A Better Engine Blade II


Side Quests


Hammerhead / Cape Caem

Quest Giver

Cid Sophiar



A Better Engine Blade II is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"A master mechanic, Cid can modify mechanized weapons to unleash their full potential. If Noctis can obtain a glass gemstone, Cid will upgrade the Engine Blade II-but he might take a while."


A Better Engine Blade II Objectives

  1. Give Cid a Glass Gemstone
  2. Pass the time by undertaking quests and hunts (complete one hunt/quest)
  3. Retrieve the weapon from Cid



A Better Engine Blade II Rewards



A Better Engine Blade II Walkthrough

 After acquiring the Engine Blade II in A Better Engine Blade, this will be the upgrade quest for this particular Sword. You'll have to take the weapon to Cid Sophiar at this garage in Hammerhead

  You'll need a Glass Gemstone to upgrade the weapon. See the Glass Gemstone page for locations it can be found. Once you've acquired one, return to Cid and he will hammer down your upgrade and receive the Engine Blade III. It can be upgraded further in A Better Engine Blade III.



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    • Anonymous

      I can't seem to do the quest either. I gave hime the gem stone, unequiped and gave up the sword. I've done every hunt several times, found people, fixed two cars, started finding map pieces. The only thing I haven't done is sleep or do the Decloration of war.

      I've been braced for power long enough.

      -Jax Rhapsody

      • Anonymous

        The quest will not even show up for me. I have beaten the game. Have all the items. And the quest isn't showing up at all. Please help!!!

        • Anonymous

          I can't give cid the glass gemstone... I have the item, a better engine blade II is my current quest and I've already beaten the game. He just talks when I try and give it to him

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