A Dubious Drive


Main Quests


The Way of Gods and Kings


Onward to the Disc


Coernix Station - Cauthess

Quest Giver

Ardyn Izunia



A Dubious Drive is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"In a dubious coincidence, the outlandish stranger from Galdin appears before the friends, informing them that Titan's insistent calling is behind Noctis's headaches. Though suspicious of his intent, the party decides to take this "Ardyn" up on his offer to guide them to the Disc of Cauthess."


A Dubious Drive Objectives

  1. Follow Ardyn's car.



A Dubious Drive Rewards

  • 500 XP



A Dubious Drive Walkthrough


All you need to do here is simply follow Ardyn's car as it travels. Other than that there's not much else to this quest. Just make sure not to lose sight of his car or the quest will fail. Once you arrive at the station you can opt to rest up.




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    • Anonymous

      27 Dec 2016 21:08  

      How do you get your car to go fast enough to keep up with Ardyn's??? I have completed all the Cindy quests I can do and have not gotten an upgrade for speed. Ardyn's car leaves me in the dust PLEASE HELP!!!

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