A Feathery Feast


Side Quests


Wiz Chocobo Post

Quest Giver




A Feathery Feast is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Wiz wants to draw more customers to the Chocobo Post so he can spread the chocobo gospel. He enlist Noctis's help in finding delicious vegetables to turn into a signature dish."


A Feathery Feast Objectives

  1. Find the aegir root
  2. Deliver the aegir root to Wiz



A Feathery Feast Rewards



A Feathery Feast Walkthrough




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    • Anonymous

      16 Dec 2016 11:07  

      I got the quest, found the aegir root and upon trying to return it to Wiz I found that I cannot turn the quest in. I am currently reinstalling the game and Crown update to see if it fixes the issue. Anyone else having this issue?

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