A Feline Feast


Side Quests


Cape Caem

Quest Giver

Friendly Cat



A Feline Feast is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Fate reunites Noctis with the cat he chanced upon in Galdin, and the feline appears to be ore famished than before. Having a soft spot for animals, the prince once again sets out to fix a dish suitable for this kitty gourmand."


A Feline Feast Objectives

  1. Consult with Monica
  2. Catch a Dark Allural Sea Bass, or buy some cat food
  3. Give the fish to Monica
  4. Offfer some cat food to the cat



A Feline Feast Rewards



A Feline Feast Walkthrough

  • Head to Cape Caem and behind the lighthouse you will find the friendly cat. Start the quest and look for Monica who is in the house; she will tell you that you can either fish or buy cat food in the shop in Cape Caem. We would advice you to just fish for the food, as the cat food sells for 20,000 gil.
  • Head to the quest marker, make sure you have the correct lure (Deadly Waters: Coraldevil), fish, go back to Monica and she will help you fix a food for the cat. Note that while the fish is easy to catch, there are many fish in the lake that are difficult to catch. The Dark Allural Sea Bass is marked as a yellow dot. Having the Death Spin rod and Llymalaen reel will help significantly. Go back to the back in the lighthouse and finish the quest.

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    • Anonymous

      In case Monica bugs out for players, just save and reload. I couldn't speak to her despite being in the house. She would keep moving around and not stand where the quest marker was located. Reloading it fixed it and could speak to her after.

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