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A King's Struggle is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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A King's Struggle Objectives

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A King's Struggle Rewards

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A King's Struggle Walkthrough

 A cutscene will trigger and you will have the Death Spell, a powerful Ring Magic, which should help against the enemies you will encounter. You many still want to avoid conflict when possible as the spell requires cooldown.


You will have to activate the elevator in order to get to the keep. Make your way to the objective and unlock the doors using the control panel. You will now have to find a a door with a green light in its panel, which is at the back of the path, the spot where you first used the ring. It will be behind the wooden boxes to the right. Open the door and head forward to a large room. Activate the control panel at the end. You will find a Flesh Fortifier to the right of the panel. 


 You will now have to find the door with the blue light. To do so, go back to the first path and go to the second door on the left. Down the hallway will be the door with the blue right. You use the bunker as a spot to rest if you'd like. 


 Head towards the door with the green light. You will now have access to the Holy Spell which you can use to take out several enemies at once. You can only use this magic if your MP bar is full.


 Make your way to the first passage and then open the door which leads to the elevator. Take the elevator to the top floor. You will encounter some soldiers here and you won't have a chance, so use the  narraow gaps to hide from them. At the junction, you can go to a room to the right to save. You can also obtain a soldier uniform that you can get a security card from to access locked areas. Leave the room and take the passage to the west and use the card on the door.


 Head long the path until you see Prompto and chase after him. At the fork, the room, the room ahead will give your card a level 2 clearance that you can use on level 2 locked doors. Proceed down the opposite path going north and follow the marker. Prompto is locked in a cell, so head to the left path and open the door to the right where there is a narrow gap you can walk into to get to Prompto. You will have to square off against an Uttu, defeat it and rescue Prompto. But he won't actually be Prompto! Use the card panel to the right of the door that you need in order to access level 3 doors. 


 Follow the market to activate the central elevator. Go east and find the keycard inside the area to find a Gargantua. Avoid it and follow the market to get the card. Once you have it, activate the elevator. The Gargantua will break the floor, sending you falling to the bottom. Your journey continues in Zegnautus Keep (Quest).




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