A Place to Call Home


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A Place to Call Home is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV.


"Many Crown City citizens have been forced to flee their homes, and more than a few of them yearn to see the land now barred to them. Vyv asks Noctis to head for the hill overlooking insomnia and take a picture of the Lucian captial"


A Place to Call Home Objectives

  1. Shoot the Lucian captial
  2. Report back to Vyv



A Place to Call Home Rewards

  • 3,500 EXP
  • 17,500 Gil



A Place to Call Home Walkthrough

  • This new quest fom Vyv will take you to a familiar place - the hill overlooking Insomnia. Just head back to the same hill you went back in Chapter 1 go to the edge to take the photo and deliver it back to Vyv




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