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Ace of Carapace is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"The arms merchant will compensate Noctis for bringing him the carapace of the savage shielded monster known as the bulette."


Ace of Carapace Objectives

  1. Kill the Bulette
  2. Deliver the Bulette carapace to the arms merchant.



Ace of Carapace Rewards

  • 1500 EXP
  • Discount at the weapon vendor in Lestallum



Ace of Carapace Walkthrough

  • See the Weapons Vendor in the eastern part of Lestallum. He'll ask you for some assistance. Completing the simple fetch quest will earn you a discount at his shop.




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    • Anonymous

      I, and many people are looking at the item in their inventory right now. I cannot finish the quest. I'm alone, I have no one to ask. Please help. This battle cost me the most

      • For players who is having problem finishing the quest, you've most likely sold the item off. You can try farming for the item again. I remember finding a herd of Bulette at the crossing, near fishing spot south of Wiz Chocobo Post.

        • Anonymous

          I can't seem to turn this quest back in. Killed the bulettes, got the carapace, went back but all I get is the option to shop. I know that some quests make you turn them in at a table or something, but I looked all over the shop and nearby but no option for the quest.

          Anyone else had this issue? It's just sitting there in my quest list now irritating me because you can't abandon quests :/

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