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All Set to Sail is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Noctis learns that the ship his father once used still docked at a hidden harbor. Hoping to put the boat to good use, he and his friends make their way to Cape Caem."


All Set to Sail Objectives

  1. Meet up with Iris
  2. Ride with Iris to Cape Caem

(New quest update)

  1. Reunite with Iris
  2. Take down Aranea
  3. Head for Cape Caem once more
  4. Speak to Cindy
  5. Speak to Talcott
  6. Speak to Iris



All Set to Sail Rewards

  • 1000 EXP




All Set to Sail Walkthrough

 Make your way back to Iris to resume your travels to Cape Caem. You can stop along the way to check out some of the surrounding areas. At some point Gladiolus may ask you to stop at a lot where you can eavesdrop on some folks chatting. You can find a Silver Bangle on the ground before coming back to the car.


When you arrive at Cape Caem, talk to Cindy at the lighthouse and follow her up the slope to speak to her again about Cid's big plans for you and then head to the hut. Talk to Talcott and search the cabin for a Magic Flask in the kitchen and a Regalia Crest on the landing above. After learning what you need from Talcott, go see Iris. Gladiolus will take his leave from the group so be sure to take away anything he has before he goes. You can earn some bonuses when he announces his plans:

  • If you let him go you get 600 XP
  • If you ask him how long you get 2 AP
  • If you defer to Ignis, Ignis gains 1500 XP

This will bring Chapter 6 to an end and Chapter 7 will begin with Party of Three.




  • This is wrong! This is BEFORE the Imperial Infiteration! NOT AFTER!
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