Alterna Spell


Ring Magic

Alterna Spell is a Ring Magic in Final Fantasy XV


Alterna Spell Information


"AOE effect centred on Noctis. Rips open a hole in the universe and sucks in enemies in a player based area of effect a small radius around him."



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  • Hold R1 and triangle to cast at PS4. Hold RB and Y to cast at Xbox one.

    • Anonymous

      23 Jun 2017 23:10  

      The spell works on nearly all enemies, although it losses effectiveness for more difficult enemies. When using the spell on difficult or larger enemies the spell often misses, notified by the (MISS) prompt instead of damage. The spell will still instantly kill the enemy with a few casts, I think it's based on a certain percentage, possibly having to do with the enemies size.

      • Anonymous

        Alterna Spell [FFXV Wiki]09 Dec 2016 07:03  

        Can I use Alterna on some higher level daemons? I'm on the final quest and am feeling SUPER underleveled against some of these mini bosses... I used it once but it didn't absorb the monster

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