Altissia, City on the Sea


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Altissia, City on the Sea is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Altissia, City on the Sea Objectives

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Altissia, City on the Sea Rewards

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Altissia, City on the Sea Walkthrough

 You are going to be treated a lengthy boat journey and a conversation with your party members as you are introduced to the lovely Venice-inspired port town of Altissia. Once you dock, head to the immigration boost. You can have Cid do the talking  with the risk losing 3000 Gil as bribe or allow Ignis to handle business for free. You can't get to where you're going on foot, so make your way north to the Gondola spot. Jump on one and head to the market.  


Speak to Weskham and after a few questions, Camelia will arrive. Speak with her and head back to the hotel on the boat. Your journey continues in The Summit.




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