Level 52 vs. Swords +20%
XP 1,738 vs. Greatswords -
Libra 8s vs. Polearms -
Parry Yes vs. Daggers +20%
Size Small vs. Firearms -
HP 175,600 vs. Shields -
Strength 27,710 vs. Machines -
Vitality 243 vs. Fire -50%
Spirit 215 vs. Ice -
Imm Instant Death vs. Lightning +20%
Res Alterna vs. Light +20%

Aramusha is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


Aramusha Information



Aramusha Locations



Aramusha Drops

  • (Level 50 version) - 1% chance to drop Safety Bit  / 50% chance to drop Fire (6) 
  • (Level 52 version) - 5% chance to drop Elixir / 50% chance to drop Fire (6)




  • Sit on high ground and shoot with the Bioblaster, or create a Venomcast Spell.
  • ??
  • ??



  • Resistant to Fire, yet weak to Poison.
  • Does a large AoE cleaave attack that will more then likely insta-kill anyone in range. Can be parried, however.
  • Attacks with Dark elemental attacks capable fo causing Instant Death.
  • Break Effects: Hitting any body part for 30% of Aramusha's Max HP will cause him to suffer a -20% Vitality penalty

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    • Anonymous

      I was lvl50, use your strongest gun, keep your distance, use poisons/thunder if you have, and spam the sh*t outta piercer (keep elix/pd too) easy in 5min or less

      • Anonymous

        Boss can be defeated at level 15 if you are patient and smart about it. Combine thunder with an antidote to create a venomcast potion. Drop down to Aramusha's floor, get close enough to hit him with venomcast then run back up the stairs and stand on what looks like a fuel tank, the boss wont be able to touch you, equip your handgun and shoot him until he's dead. Its a long battle and alot of shooting but you're the one who who wants him dead.

        • Anonymous

          I tried using the Bioblaster, but it kept putting me right next to him, then I'd get one-hit-KO'ed. I had to make a Thundaga venomcast and use it from the ledge where you enter the room. My party was about level 31.

          • Anonymous

            Guess what, I was immortal when I fought this guy. Everytime I died, "Ruby Light" brought me back to life with full HP.

            • Anonymous

              He can absorb fire, and is weak to poison. He is lvl 52 when I saw him in the Balouve Mines when attempting to collect the Bow of the Clever.

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