Bird on the Brink


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Wiz Chocobo post

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Bird on the Brink is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Wiz hears world of an injured chocobo. If left untended, the struggeling creature is bound to fall victim to wild predators. Noctis resolves to find the bird and do what he can to help."


Bird on the Brink Objectives

  1. Find the weakend chocobo.
  2. Report back to Wiz




Bird on the Brink Rewards

  • 1000 exp



Bird on the Brink Walkthrough

  • Simply head over to the quest marker and attend to the weakened chocobo, after doing the deed head back to Wiz.




  • Be sure to have some potions in your inventory as you will need one to treat the weakened chocobo.

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