Bluefin Tuna Fillet



Bluefin Tuna Fillet is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Bluefin Tuna Fillet Information


"Known to some as the ruby of the sea, the bluefin tuna is universally praised for its delicious pink flesh."


Where to Find/Location

Only available in Windows and Royal Edition.


Dishes Used In



  • The Styrial Bluefin Tuna, its fillet, and the subsequent recipe are a part of Royal and Windows Edition, and they have no effect on completing the standard game's recipe list.
  • There is always a Styrial Bluefin Tuna available during the A Second Sea God Quest.
  • Using it as a component in Elemancy will give the crafted spell the Healcast (level 99) effect. The component has a power value of 10.

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