Brave New World




A Precious Source of Power


Altissia, City on the Sea



Quest Giver




Brave New World is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Quest description goes here."


Brave New World Objectives

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Brave New World Rewards

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Brave New World Walkthrough

 You'll return to Lestallum and join back up with your party. When you're ready jump into the Regalia and head towards Cape Caem. Warning: getting on the lighthouse lift will close off your open world opportunities for awhile so before doing so finish up any activities you were working towards at the moment, such as other Quests, Skills, etc. 


 As you journey by car, you can fuel up and head north stopping to shop at a red pickup and through the forest. Just head north until you reach the marker. At the end of the hill you will come to a house. If you go around the house you will find the cat you met at Galdin Quay and it has a quest for you. Head inside and speak to Cid. Give him the Glass Gemstone to earn the Engine Blade II


 Umbra will approach and Noctis receives a message from Luna. Write "be there as fast as you can" back to her. Head down the elevator and down the stairs to trigger a cutscene with Cor. You will receive a Magic Flask. Head out to bring Chapter 8 to an end. Chapter 9 will now begin with the quest, Altissia, City on the Sea. Get ready for some truely breathtaking sights!




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