Breath of the Glacian


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Breath of the Glacian is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Breath of the Glacian Objectives

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Breath of the Glacian Bosses



Breath of the Glacian Rewards

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Breath of the Glacian Walkthrough

 Your first encounters here will be Snaga and Wraith mobs. After they are dispatched you will face a tougher battle against a Boss called Deathclaw.


 Deathclaw is weak to fire and can deal some devastating area of effect attacks. Use the warp points around the area to attack him and stay out of his range. He is unable to get to you if you're hanging so use that to your advantage. Defeat him and get back on the train and head along the corridor, following the markers and watch the story unfold. Gentiana will appear after you see Ardyn and she will reveal herself as Shiva. She will give noctis the Trident of the Oracle and a cutscene will trigger. Noctis will charge Ardyn and you will receive the Mark of the Glacian. When the party comes to, head to the marker to find Ardyn again who reveals his immortality and Prompto's whereabouts.


 This brings this chapter to a close and Chapter 13 will now being in The Imperial Capital.




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