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Burden of Expectation is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Noctis receives a phone call from Iris, Gladio's sister, who reveals she has fled to Lestallum with a group of Insomnian refugees. The friends decide to join her there at the earliest opportunity."


Burden of Expectation Objectives

  1. Meet Iris at the Leville



Burden of Expectation Rewards



Burden of Expectation Walkthrough


As you leave Leide for the Duscae Region, you will have an opportunity to do a ton of exploring so now is a good time to scamper off and tackle some Side Quests and Mobhunts before resuming the main story. When you make it to Coernix Station, you will get a call from Iris, Gladiolus' sister who will ask you to meet them at Lestallum. Prompto will ask to go see the Wiz Chocobo Post which present an opportunity to try out the Chocobo rides if you're down for the diversion en route.


Once you arrive at Lestallum, check out the lovely town and head to the hotel to meet up with Iris. A tremor will hit and Noctis will have a vision. Arriving at the hotel you find you can stay there for free for the night. Speak with Iris in the room to learn about Lunafreya's fate. The next morning, Iris will ask you to accompany her for a walk which will set off the tour A Stroll for Two. She will take you around the town and chat where you can earn extra XP through dialogue if you're nice to her. If you make light of the situation feeling like a date you'll earn an extra 2 AP. Head back to the hotel say you had fun for 500 XP. She'll hook you up with a lovely Magic Flask down the road.



 Your journy continues in the quest The Sword in the Waterfall.




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