Catoblepas Brisket



Catoblepas Brisket is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Catoblepas Brisket Information


"A meat rich in character and flavor. Only available from wild game, and is thus hard to find."


Where to Find/Location


Dishes Used In



  • Catoblepas Brisket can be sold to shops for a meager 600 gil.
  • Using it as a component in Elemancy will give the crafted spell no special effect. The component has a power value of 26.
  • Despite its 50% drop rate, it can (and often does) take more than two attempts to obtain the Catoblepas Brisket (which is required to complete Takka's A Meat Most Magnificent quest). Eating a meal with a Perception boost (i.e. Mother & Child Rice Bowl) will increase the drop rate. If available, equipping the Key of Prosperity will earn the player twice the dropped items (which includes the valuable  Catoblepas Fang).

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    • Anonymous

      Found a guaranteed way to get it. If you have the ring of the lucii and plenty of ether you can just kill it by absorbing and that will give you x1 every time.

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