Level 71 vs. Swords +20%
XP 2,136 vs. Greatswords -
Libra 3s vs. Polearms -
Parry Yes vs. Daggers +20%
Size Small vs. Firearms -
HP 78,400 vs. Shields -
Strength - vs. Machines -
Vitality - vs. Fire +20%
Spirit - vs. Ice -
Imm - vs. Lightning IMM
Res Alterna vs. Light -50%

Coeurl is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


Coeurl Information



Coeurl Locations



Coeurl Drops




  • ??
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  • Employs Lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting Shocked status
  • Capable of causing Instant Death
  • Break Effect: Vitality -15% when body is damaged for 60% of maximum HP
  • ??


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    • Anonymous

      19 May 2017 04:12  

      For me it was a 100 percent spawn in the immediate area northeast of the Sothmocke Haven Campground. Make camp, and it should be there. Left of the crater. As long as you camp first it's always there(tested in my game) attempts to make it respawn other ways proved fruitless I always got killer bee or voretooth enemies at random.

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