Coeurl Whiskers



Coeurl Whiskers is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Coeurl Whiskers Information


Virtually unbreakable, these strands can be used to make fishing tackle and other gear. they have some value, and could fetch a decent price. 

Coeurl Whiskers Uses



Where to Find/Location

  • Dropped from Couerls in Keycatrich Ruins, Kelbass Grasslands, Secullam Pass
  • Hunters of Secullam Pass bounty can be found at the Taelpar Rest Area in Duscae and is a Lvl 34 bounty where the you will have to fight 5 coeurls at once. If you've upgraded Noctis' warp strike to break appendages, you could possibly yeild up to 4 Coeurl Whiskers.
  • Purchase for 7,500 Trophies in the Arena Galviano



Tactical Strategies

  • Fira and above with at least dual, tri, quad, quintcast equipped.
  • Coeurls have very strong physical attacks and are very quick. They often circle the player and strike from behind. They use very high level thunder attacks whenever the player is in front. (Be wary of a frontal assault) Beef up Noctis' warp strike as that seems to do a decent amount of damage. 
  • When below 60-75% health, Coeurls will retreat to the background and heal themselves to full health. Do not let this happen AT ALL COST!!! 




  •  They look like leopards.
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    • 14 May 2017 02:13  

      Couerl can be found Northeast of Prairie Outpost running towards Keycatrich Trench. There is a dirt field of (approx near the "K" on the map to "Keycatrich".

      • Anonymous

        19 Dec 2016 16:34  

        I have warped to hit them 3 times when they've back off, presumably to heal, and gotten one-shot instantly. Be careful!

        • Anonymous

          03 Dec 2016 19:50  

          Make sure to have alot of healing items it will drop multiple people to 0 often just keep hitting it and fireing magic

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