Cure for Insomnia


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Head for the Crown City


Head to the Throne Room



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Cure for Insomnia is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Cure for Insomnia Objectives

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Cure for Insomnia Rewards

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Cure for Insomnia Walkthrough

 Once you enter the city, you and your party will have to make your way towards the citadel. Begin your approach on foot and you will have to face waves of enemies along the way. There are stairs heading down neary that you can camp at and elemental nodes you can harvest energy. This is going to be a longer series of fights so be prepared to make use of all of your best Combat tactics.  As you progress, check the trash cans, there is one in the alley that has a Fire Crest. Next to the Piano Bar you can find a Megalixir.


 Find the Citadel Station and head down the stairs. Open the gates and defeat the soldiers and beasts in the area. Once they are defeated, head towards the obective to get to the citadel. You can find a trash can with a Mega Phoenix. Open the door by pressing the button and climb the stairs to the citadel. A Behemoth King will be blocking your progress here. The Behemoth King is on par for size with Deadeye. Use the buildings for warping and make use of your party's role strengths while you employ hit and run warp striking to bring him down.


 After  he is defeated, there is a resting station nearby where you draw some Fire Energy from some tanks. Head through the gates and open them, and be prepared for a fight.


 Head on inside to trigger the next cutscene. Ardyn will make his presence known, summoning the Archaen, Ifrit. Be prepared for a tense battle against the iconic summon. He will start by setting your cape on fire, with Prompto reacting and Gladiolus shielding everywhere. Ifrit doesn't move around but can deal some powerful area of effect attacks. Be wary of his grab and throw move, so keep your distance and don't get greedy on the offensive. Have Prompto dealing  heavy crit damage while keeping your distance from his aoe attacks. When he gets down to lower life, summoning will be available. Bahamut will arrive and demolish Ifrit with sword rain. After their duel you can issue the final blow to Ifrit by chopping off his horn. 


 This enrages Ifrit and he is ignited in flame. Use your warp strike as he's swinging his sword around. Occasionally he will charge at you with his flaming sword. He's vulnerable to ice spells like Blizzaga. The key is to be careful and use you block and evading abilities wisely. Once he gets down to lower health, Shiva will arrive on the scene and defeat Ifrit for good. You will now Head to the Throne Room.






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