Level 72 vs. Swords IMM
XP 455 vs. Greatswords IMM
Libra 15s vs. Polearms IMM
Parry Yes vs. Daggers IMM
Size Small vs. Firearms IMM
HP 16,400 vs. Shields IMM
Strength 22,360 vs. Machines IMM
Vitality 102 vs. Fire +20%
Spirit 122 vs. Ice +20%
Imm - vs. Lightning ABS
Res Alterna vs. Light +20%

Custard is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


Custard Information



Custard Locations



Custard Drops




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




  • Employs HP-draining attacks
  • Immune to all weapon types including Royal Arms
  • Break Effect: Vitality -20% when body is damaged for 30% of maximum HP

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