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Dreadful Legend is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"To craft the ultimate weapon, a great evil must be slain. No one said creating legends was easy - which is why Noctis must vanquish the Malbodoom marauding the Cleigne region and bring back material for a new weapon."


Dreadful Legend Targets



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Dreadful Legend Walkthrough

  • For Randolph's second quest, he will ask you to eliminate a Malbodoom in the Vesperpool region.  The Malbodoom is weak against Dagger attack and Ice magic and resistant to Greatsword attack and Fire and Light magic so prepare accordingly. At the start of the fight, Malboro Brat will only serve to distract you. We advise that you focus at the main objective that is the Malbodoom. I'd start the fight with a tricast blizzaga to clear off the area abit then, use your best dagger and with Ignis help use Enchantment to enchant you weapon with the element of the weakness of your current target. Try to attack Malbodoom at its side or behind. Warp to a safe distance when you see the brats begin to congregate around position and wait for it to seperate or use a tricast magic against them.  Rinse and repeat.




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