Duscae is a geographical region in Final Fantasy XV. It is one of the three regions of Lucis, and it lies between the easternmost region of Leide and the westernmost region of Cleigne. Duscae is famous for its wetlands, and the region is prone to regular rainfall (perfect weather for certain kinds of foes and fish). After traversing the arid Leide, Duscae introduces the player to a more temperate climate and biosphere starting in Chapter 3. Wildlife ranging from the gentle Garula to the colossal Catoblepas and daemons from Arachne to Necromancers call this region home.

Arguably the most central landmark of Duscae is the Disc of Cauthess. According to legend, over two thousand years ago the Meteor of the Six was intercepted by Titan before it fell on Lucis; according to that same legend, the Archaean holds the meteorite on his back to this day. The Disc, with its crystal pires that pulse with light both day and night, is the Meteor's final crash site. As it has for generations, the Lestallum-based power company EXINERIS Industries harnesses energy from the meteor shards that broke off from the larger meteorite upon impact, and the company maintains a network of power for the entire region.

Locations in Duscae Region



Places of Interest

Areas of Duscae where notable hunts, quests, or other landmarks can be found.

Fishing Spots




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