Engaging the Empire


Main Quests


Imperial Infiltration


The Trial of Ramuh


Aracheole Stronghold

Quest Giver

Cindy Aurum



Engaging the Empire is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Cindy hears through the grease-monkey grapvine that the Regalia is under imperial lockdown at te nearby Aracheole Stronghold. With the stormsender's power at his behest, Noctis sets out for the compound to retrieve his father's car."


Engaging the Empire Objectives

  1. Survey Aracheole Stronghold
  2. Devise a strategy at the camp
  3. Infiltrate the base
  4. Look for the Regalia
  5. Destroy the magitek generator powering the base
  6. Return to the Regalia
  7. Meet up with Iris in Lestallum



Engaging the Empire Rewards

  • 3000 EXP




Engaging the Empire Walkthrough

 As you leave the cave an imperial ship will pass and you'll get a call from Cindy letting you know that the Regalia is at an imperial base. Head to the outpost to see a red flare shoot from a tower. When you arrive on the road Ignis will suggest resting. Rest up and have a good Meal. Ignis will devise a plan to survey the stronghold. You will have to complete it by morning or you'll have to escape and try again another night, though you CAN do it during the day.


 You'll start out on the road to the base near some storage containers. You'll have to move stealthily to avoid the soldiers. Follow Ignis to get his signals for when to warp-strike. Mind the spotlights here as they will follow you and give your positiona away. Make your way into the facility and head right, taking cover to avoid the Magitek Armor mechs. From here, head right to find more soldiers. Kill them quietly and head to the 3rd trooper to avoid any alarms. You get bonus AP for pulling this off stealthily. 


 With the soldiers out of the way head past the downed mechs to a gate with red beams and a keypad. In the next area, you will find 6 guards patrolling. Take them out by warping about the catwalk and tower. Once down, check the gatehouse near the locked gate to find a Magitek Booster. Unlock the door to the next area. You can see your car but a mech is in your way. Warp strike its legs with a greatsword to break them and then warp strike the missile launcher. As it lowers to the ground take out the main part. The explosion will trigger the arrival of soldiers. Let your party deal with them as you go after the turrets. Warp to the turret above the mech and use it against the soldiers, where you can target the red barrels to create explosions. Watch out for the snipers though! You aren't protected while using the turrent, so make sure to take them out! (There is one on the steps of the tower.) 


 Ignis will suggest taking out the generator. Look for a locked gate to disable before heading to the far side of the base. Another mech will come out, you can warp to a turret behind it to use against it. At the generator, 2 mechs will be waiting along with some soldiers. Warp to the catwalks to deal with the snipers and find the turret to the left which is not effective against the generator. Ramuh will be available to make his appearance and provide aid. Find cover and sumon him and watch him demolish the landscape. ...Once you are basicly dying. Once the coast is clear, grab the car and before you leave you will have a convo with an individual who will inform you that the army is pulling out of the area. 


 Now that you have your car back, it's time to head for Lestallum in Cleigne. This brings the chapter to an end. Your journey continues in Chapter 6 with the quest Imperial Infiltration.







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