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Express Train for Trouble is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


Noctis and his friends are rising between sand dunes and a snow field when time itself freezes. Confident that Imperial Chancellor Ardyn is behind the curious occurrence, Noctis vows to hunt him down - until the situation takes a turn for the worse.


Express Train for Trouble Objectives

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Express Train for Trouble Rewards

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Express Train for Trouble Walkthrough

 The chapter begins with a chat between Noctis and Ignis and some odd occurences unfolding. When the cutscene is over, head to Ardyn and try to attack him when prompted. Follow him through the train as he tries to get away. You'll get a few more cracks at him before he does get away. Prompto will then check in on you. Head to the back of the train, you'll encounter some commotion and an axeman. 


 Once you get to the back, climb out the broken window and take out the soldiers, focusing on the shock troopers first. Defeat the waves and a tank will make an appearance. Warp to it and hit the prompt to destroy it, and then warp back to safety. When you're back on the train's roof, drop down and take out the soldiers and then wait for the vehicle to approach. You can either warp to the closest one and use the mounted gun to take out the others or you can warp to the closest one, kill one of the shock troopers to make him explode and warp to the next to repeat the process.


 Destroy all 4 of the ships and warp back to the train to find Adryn threatening Prompto. See out the remainder of the events to conclude Chapter 11. Chapter 12 begins with No Turning Back.






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