Fishing Buddies


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Alstor Slough

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Fishing Buddies is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Noctis receives a challenge from Navyth, a man who has devoted his life to angling-and, as a fellow fish fanatic, he cannot say "no". The prince's mission: use the "Sweet Jamming Custard" lure or any othe suitable lure and land the crag barramundi that lurks in the marshy waters.."


Fishing Buddies Objectives

  1. Catch a Crag Barramundi
  2. Show the fish to Navyth



Fishing Buddies Rewards



Fishing Buddies Walkthrough

  • Easy enough all you have to do is to catch Crag Barramundi. Head to Neeglyss Pond in Alstor Slough and catch the fish. We recommend on using either Sweet Jamming: Custard, Bomber: Ice Bomb or the Pre-order Leviathan Lure. Bring it to Navyth after catching the fish to finish the quest.




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