Fishing, Naturally




River Wennath

Quest Giver




Fishing, Naturally is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"At a fishing spot far from human habitation, Noctis accepts another challenge from Navyth. To succeed, he will need the right lure - and the right timing, too. He aims to land the cherrycomb trout that swims the clear streams of Lucis."


Fishing, Naturally Objectives

  1. Catch a Cherrycomb Trout
  2. Show the fish to Navyth



Fishing, Naturally Rewards

  • 2000 EXP
  • Butterfly Edge x1



Fishing, Naturally Walkthrough

  • Navyth's next challege for you is to catch a Cherrycomb Trout. Head to River Wennath in Cleigne and catch the fish. We recommend on using the Whiskers: Crystal Lure. Bring it to Navyth after catching the fish to finish the quest.




  • Completing the quest Fishing Buddies unlocks this quest
  • The fish is only available during dawn and dusk. 
  • You should at least be lvl 5 in fishing.

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