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Formouth Garrison is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Infiltrate the moving base."


Formouth Garrison Objectives

  1. Infiltrate the moving base
  2. ??
  3. ??



Formouth Garrison Rewards



Formouth Garrison Walkthrough

  • Your first task is to stealthily eliminate the guards on the watchtowers. Walk past the lifeless Magitek troops and move quietly toward the first tower and point-warp to a blue marker on the steps. From there, make your way upwards and warp-kill the sentry. You can then disable the searchlight.
  • From your previous position, point-warp to the nearby elevated walkway and make your way to the next watchtower in line. You can then methodically eliminate the sentries (including the one by the turrent, as well as any other imperial guard onthe way) and disabled all searchlights.
  • From the final watchtower which has two searchlights, look down to the area where the Magitek troops are assembled. Identify the human patrols and quietly warp-kill those that move out of sight of their allies. Repoeat this process to eliminate them all without being seen.
  • With all sentries down, you are now free to disable the Magitek generator - unless our infiltration ended unsuccessfully with a barrage of gunfire, in which case you'll need to attend to the enemy force beforehand.
  • Combat is now the order of business until the end of this mission, The first wave of enemies consist of infantry and Magitek Assassins. The latter have attacks that can cause instant death, so be on your guard at all times: defend consistently and attack whenever you have an opening. After eliminating those enemies, the second wave consist of an MA Hoplomachus and an MA Veles-Bis. Use you strongest Lightning based magic to start the fight then change to Thunderbolt until you defeat the two mechs. Also if you want to use the fixed turret against the mechs you will need to clear the snipers first, then you can use the turrent.
  • The final battle is against an MA-X Cuirass and an MA-X Dux. You can man the fixed gun emplacement to inflict consistent damage to the mechs while your friends takes the aggro from the enemies. Use Machinery and Shield to effectively damage the enemy. Rinse and repeat.
  • After defeating the enemies you may now run around the base for loot and treausre.


Formouth Garrison Enemies


Formouth Garrison Loots



  • Make sure you have potions and time for this one, it's 5-6 waves of soldiers and mechs at moderately high levels.
  • Check the enemies section to find out the which enemies are found in this area and for more information of the said enemies such as weakness, resistance, loots and etc, 

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