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Friends of a Feather is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Prompto is keen to visit Wiz Chocobo Post in the Malacchi Hills, where the finest chocobos are bred and trained."


Friends of a Feather Objectives

  1. Head to Wiz Chocobo Post
  2. Join the hunt for Deadeye
  3. Locate Deadeye's den
  4. Track Deadeye
  5. Follow Deadeye
  6. Take Down Deadeye
  7. Report back to Wiz



Friends of a Feather Rewards





Friends of a Feather Walkthrough

  • Head over to Wiz Chocobo Post and talk to Wi, ,he will tell you that he temporarily closed down the chocobo rentals because of a behemont threat.
  • Join the hunt for Deadeye, just follow the in game instruction and you'll be fine. When the "Track Deadeye" shows up, in this part, the area is covered with fog, hindering your vision. Try to maintain your distance, just close enough to see his tail and far enough for Deadeye not to sense you. After this part you will "Follow Deadeye" to his lair.
  • Before fighting Deadeye you will find a Fire enegery depost. Use absorb it a create a fire base magic through Elemency.
  • Take down the Deadeye, use Fire Magic and try detonate the oil drums when Deadeye is near. After the fight Report back to Wiz, finish the quest and claim Deadeye's bounty.




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