Glass Gemstone



Glass Gemstone is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Glass Gemstone Information


"Glass crystal formed into a sparkling sphere. It has some value, and could fetch a decent price."


Glass Gemstone Uses



Where to Find/Location

  • 1x Lestallum Outpost, across the road by the building, next to one of the tables on the porch.
  • 1x Cape Caem, a well to the right of the hotel entrance.
  • 1x Altissia, turn left when you exit the hotel and past the vendor. Take a left near the small fountain. Follow the path and you'll see a small, square archway between a green door and a staircase going up. The item is on the ground in the archway.
  • Leveling up Gladiolus' Survival can result in him acquiring these as drop.
  • Go down the stairs to the southwest of Old Lestallum Outpost and hug the wall left, it's on the ground.
  • Can also be found on The Rock of Ravatogh.




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