Gone Hunting


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Longwythe Rest Area

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Gone Hunting is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Hunting is hazardous business, and many men and women fall in the line of duty. The Head Hunter is tasked with keeping tabs on those in the field and searching for those who go missing. Now, however, Noctis must track down the Head Hunter himself to make a special delivery."


Gone Hunting Objectives

  1. Look for the dog tag.
  2. Return to Dave with the dog tag.



Gone Hunting Rewards



Gone Hunting Walkthrough

  • After you've made the delivery to the motel owner in the Longwythe Rest Area, speak to the man right in front of Noctis at the end of the cutscene, opposite the main reception booth. You then need to deliver the envelope he gives you to Dave, who can be found acroos the highway, just outside the small building adjacent to the diner. With the quest accepted, inquire about it by speaking to the tipster, then head to the waypoint. examine the campfire, then chase and defeat the Sabertusks that appear. After the battle, pick up the dog tag and take it back to Dave at the Longwythe Rest Area to complete the quests.




  • To unlock this quest will need to complete the Errand Prince mission in Chapter 1

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