Head for the Crown City


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Head for the Crown City is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Head for the Crown City Objectives

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Head for the Crown City Rewards

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Head for the Crown City Walkthrough

 Once you head to the Crown City you can't leave. Because of this, make sure you have plenty of what you need before you proceed. Head around the nearby Hammerhead area and do some shopping for Weapons, Items and Treasures for Upgrades. You can also take the time to rest up and eat one of the good hearty Meals to get you amped for the struggle to come. Take a trip through your Ascension grid and make sure you've spent all of your AP and save your progress.


 When you proceed a cutscene will trigger with a discussion about a wedding and love. Head to the gate and leave for the city of Insomnia. A cutscene will trigger and your journey will resume in Cure for Insomnia.



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