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Ill Tidings is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"With their only way back to Insomnia blockaded, Noctis and his friends look for a vantage point from which they can view the city, determined to take down all obstacles in their way."


Ill Tidings Objectives

  1. Head to the Insomnian border.
  2. Climb the hill overlooking Insomnia
  3. Ask Dino to get you on board



Ill Tidings Rewards

  • 350 XP



Ill Tidings Walkthrough


During the night, something has transpired back in Crown City. A coup has erupted and the king is now dead. Noctis will understandably want to see things for himself. Ignis will start driving you to the border where you will see airships and a blockade. Ignis will turn off. 


 Head up the slope and walkway to find some imperials and take them out. Beyond you will find more imperials with some snipers with laser sights mixed in. Use your cover well and up the narrow hill to find more imperials. Magitek Axeman will join the fray as well as snipers. Take them all out to earn a Drain Lance


Make your way to the to overlook to learn of the horror that has happened. Cor Leonis will call you to meet him. Your journey will continue in Chapter 2 with Legacy.






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