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Ignis Scientia



Imperial Infiltration is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"While driving outside Old Lestallum, Noctis and his friends are confronted with an unsettling sight: a Niflheim airbase landing at the nearby Fort Vaullerey. The prince vows to fulfil his promise to Talcott and avenge Jared's death by bringing the imperial culprits to justice."


Imperial Infiltration Objectives

  1. Infiltrate Fort Vaullerey
  2. Survey Fort Vaullerey
  3. Track Caligo
  4. Knock Caligo unconscious
  5. Regroup with your friends
  6. Wipe out the imperial forces



Imperial Infiltration Rewards

  • 5000 EXP
  • Unstable Stabilizer x1



Imperial Infiltration Walkthrough

 When you get to Old Lestallum, get out and cross the bridge on foot and hang a left at the intersection. Take the road to the end, go up the slope and through the gap in the fence and head towards the marker. Climb the ramp and you'll run into some soldiers. Dispatch them and head to the top of the tower. 


 Stay out of the sight of the guards, otherwise you'll get ported back to the beginning of the location to try again. Once Calgo starts walking move along the chain fence parallel to his path and head behind the small building, and then right behind it.


 Pause for a moment behind the barrier until he moves and cross the path and warp above the mechs. Ignis will show up below and follow him towards the gate and warp to the next area and get a vantage point and hit the prompt to take Calgo down and then join back up with the rest of your pals. There's another mech and generator here. Take out the generator and then handle the mech.


 As you approach the marker you will be ambushed by the boss Aranea. She has no apparent weaknesses and is fast and can go airborn. She will be protected by several soldiers. Take them out first and use your link attacks to take her out. She has a powerful lance but it cant be dodged if you see her wind up a swing for a combo. Eventually she will go airborne and destroy structures with lance. Be prepared to block and counter her dive attack. Let your party members deal with any soldiers that pop up. When her health is out, she'll take off and you'll get a Bulletproof Suit

 Defeat her and your journey continues All Set to Sail.





  • This is WRONG! this is AFTER All Set to Sail! NOT BEFORE! - written by a fellow reader.
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    • Anonymous

      06 Apr 2018 11:42  

      This is the worst mission I have did so far in this game, it felt so ham-fisted, was pretty much pointless, besides introducing Dragoon lady (can't remember her name) that part was pretty cool, especially when you fought with her in mid-air DBZ style.

      • 08 Mar 2017 21:07  

        I did this mission earlier today, and feel that there needed to be another objective between knocking out Caligo and regrouping with your friends. The objective that feel was need was one where you go back and kill all the soldiers you had to sneak past earlier.

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