Ingredients are Items in Final Fantasy XV that are used to prepare Meals at Camps.





Aegir Root A handy vegetable that adds volume and vitamins to any dish. Tastes fine in stews.
Adamantoise Meat Aged meat alledgely packed with bountiful nutrients. There are no known means of consumption in existence, so its flavor is nigh unknown to man.
Allural Sea Bass Fillet Due to its migratory habits, the Allural sea bass possess [sic] abundant lean meat.
Allural Shallot A pungent bulb rarely seen in the market. Can taste like heaven or hell, depending on the cook.
Alstroom An aromatic fungus that releases clouds of spores. Often boiled with other ingredients to tenderize them.
Anak Meat Slightly coarse and stringy red meat. Rich in fat, but easily digested.
Arapaima Roe Fine caviar from the Celluna Cascades of Ravettrice. A luxury dish served at royal dinner tables.
  • Gamberetto's Catch, Altissia
  • Totomostro
Barramundi Fillet Barramundi is a familiar fish to chefs and anglers alike, known for the fine flavor of its flesh.
Basilisk Breast Tender breast meat low in fat. It has a distinctive texture, but a simple flavor easily adapted to various dishes.
Beetroot Grilling this sugary red root will result in an even sweeter treat.
Behemoth Tenderloin Widely regarded as one of the finest meats. The extraordinary texture goes well with any cuisine.
Birdbeast Egg The sizeable yolks are chewy, but rich in protein. Full, rich flavors make this a popular comestible.
Bluefin Tuna Fillet Known to some as the ruby of the sea, the bluefin tuna is universally praised for its delicious pink flesh.


Bulette Shank A firm, pungent meat. Skillfully incorporating its particular flavor will put any chef's abilities to the test.
Caem Pinkshrimp Caem's famous red shrimp. Often boiled in its shell to create a rich, aromatic stock.
Catoblepas Brisket A meat rich in character and flavor. Only available from wild game, and is thus hard to find.
Chickatrice Leg A light meat, delicious boiled or steamed. When fresh, it can be eaten raw with a sprinkling of salt.
Chocobean A favorite of a certain big bird, these large legumes have been eaten since bygone times.
Cleigne Darkshell A rare variant of the regular Cleigne mollusk. Large and aromatic, but it often stays stubbornly shut when grilled.
Cleigne Mollusk Healthy seafood, low in fat. A common ingredient in steamed dishes.
Cleigne Wheat The most widely available wheat. Easily ground into flour for bread and other foods.
Coraldevil Fin Fin of a fearsome waterfront beast, proper preparation of which will please even the most pretentious eaters.
Cup Noodles An instant meal invented for busy adventurers. Surprisingly flavorful and tasty, considering how easy it is to prepare.
Cygillan Crab Meat from a common Cygillan crustacean. It makes for affordable seafood even the average citizen can enjoy.
  • Shopping on the Road (Chapter 15)
  • Prissock General Store, Lestallum
  • Gamberetto's Catch, Altissia
Daggerquill Breast Plump and healthy bird meat with an unpretentious flavor that suits many kinds of recipes.
Dank Barramundi Fillet A wholesome favorite, the dank barramundi rose to popularity because of the rare nutrients in its meat.
Devil Gar Fillet Though its texture is as tough as its name suggests, the devil gar is nonetheless a rich and flavorful fish.


Dualhorn Steak High in protein, low in fat. Can be served simmered or grilled.
Duscaen Orange Fruit found throughout the temperate Duscae region. Its juice boasts an invigorating sweet and tangy taste.
Eos Green Peas Lovely dark green legumes. Fairly easy to find, and even easier to cook with.
Fine Cleigne Wheat Organic Cleigne wheat, grown by certified farmers. Aromatic with a uniquely delicate, yet complex flavor.
Fine Gighee Ham Smoked for much longer than regular ham, and noted for containing darker cuts of meat.
Funguar A flavorful mushroom that grows in rocky terrain. The chewy texture is popular with children but causes drowsiness when ingested in large amounts.
Garlic A pungent plant with an appetizing scent. Often used as a seasoning in meat and fish dishes to bolster their natural flavors.
Garula Sirloin Savory, tender red meat that offers surprisingly complex and rich flavors.
Garulessa Steak Sweet marbled meat containing plentiful fat and nutrients. So soft it melts on the tongue.
Gigantoad Steak A low-fat, high-protein meat. Unfortunately, very few are fond of it despite its subtle scent and palatable flavor.
Gighee Ham Processed, salted, smoked, and then heated. The kind of ham one might find at a local grocer.
Griffon Breast Richly flavorful with a dense, meaty texture. Tastes fine fried, but stewing is better for bringing out the full range of savory goodness.
Hulldagh Nutmeg Used to mask the strong odor of certain kinds of meat and fish, it has a mild and subtle taste.
Jabberwock Sirloin One of the three great tastes of Lucis, it produces a mouthwatering aroma when sizzled on a hot grill.
Karlabos Claw Harvested from the giant karlabos, this meat possess [sic] a delicate flavor and is regarded as a high-grade ingredient.
Kettier Ginger A hard-to-find, but valued, seasoning. It masks the smell of seafood and adds depth and complexity to many recipes.
Killer Tomato A tomato so imposing, it almost feels alive. The thick, juicy flesh is suitable for canning.
King Trout Fillet The king trout is a flavorful freshwater fish without the fishy freshness.


Kujata Marrow Hard to find, but an excellent edible. A long, slow boil helps kill the objectionable smell.
Leiden Pepper A commonly used spice. The seeds are ground in the shell, then ground again for good measure.
Leiden Potato A basic root vegetable. Easy to find, easy to cook. Boil it, mash it, or stick it in a stew!
Leiden Sweet Potato This spud, native to eastern Lucis, is selectively bred to be sweet enough for desserts.
Leukorn Steak Red meat rich in protein and nutrients. It has a more marbled texture than regular spiracorn meat.
Lucian Carp Fillet The Lucian carp is an auspicious fish rumored to bestow longevity unto all those who consume its flesh.
Lucian Tomato A fresh, bright red fruit. Delectable raw or cooked.
Luncheon Meat Ground meat heavily seasoned and preserved in a can. Often carried by hunters on long expeditions as rations.
Malmashroom A fungus with a crunchy and fibrous texture. Often used in stews.
Midgardsormr Shank Has a distinctively chewy but tender mouthfeel. Packed with energizing proteins, it makes a morale-boosting meal.
Mighty Barramundi Fillet Both anglers and gourmets alike can delight in the catching and cooking of the mighty barramundi.
Nebula Salmon Fillet When cleaned and filleted, a single nebula salmon serves one.
Platinum Myrltrout Fillet Platinum myrltrout is a savory delight when grilled over a roaring fire.
Sahagin Liver Some love it, some hate it. Either way, the first taste is an eye-opening experience.
Saxham Rice Tasty either boiled or steamed. A staple in many homes across the Lucian continent.
Sea Bass Fillet The sea bass produces a mouthwatering aroma when smoked.
Schier Turmeric Pan-frying brings out its rich hues. Used in recipes to add a dash of aroma and a splash of color.
Sheep Milk An excellent source of calcium. Can be drunk chilled or used in a recipe.
Shieldshears Claw Lucian crustacean meat. While not especially flavorful, it contains ample dietary fiber and makes for a filling meal.
Smoking Wood Standard wood used to fuel smoking fires. The key is to make sure the wood is completely dry.
Sweet Pepper A spice with a faint sweetness. It can be combined with other seasonings to add a unique flair to any dish.
Tenebraen Oak Fragrant wood used to fuel smoking fires. It retains its shape and qualities even after drying.
Tide Grouper Fillet Tide groupers are best served with light, simple sauces.
Trevally Fillet The giant trevally has a pleasant, inoffensive flavor, though it should not be eaten raw.
Trout Fillet The trout is cheap and abundant, and a favorite of the common folk.
Ulwaat Berries A type of strawberry from Ulwaat that is rich in vitamins. It is hard to find in other regions.
Vesper Gar Fillet True to its status, the Vesper gar has a truly legendary flavor.


Vesproom Must be dried first to bring out the flavors. A rare delicacy that can only be harvested in the wild.
Wennath Salmon Fillet The archetypal A-grade fish, Wennath salmon are abundant in appetizing healthy fats.
Wild Onion A root vegetable that keeps well. Slightly sweet, it can be served simmered or grilled.
Zipper Barramundi Fillet The large-bodied zipper barramundi contains abundant meat and moderate fat.
Zu Tender Keeps its shape even when heated through, and stays moist and juicy, whether grilled, fried, or stewed.

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      Adamantoise Meat - Aged meat allegedly packed with bountiful nutrients, there are no known records of its consumption in existence, so its flavor is nigh unknown to man. dropped by the adamantoise in packs of 3. can be used to create a ultimate magic spell.

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