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Into the Arctic Crevasse is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


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Into the Arctic Crevasse Objectives

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Into the Arctic Crevasse Rewards

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Into the Arctic Crevasse Walkthrough

 This quest is pretty straight forward. All you do here is wander the train, exploring it for any Treasures and Consumables left behind. Get up from your chair and turn around and enter the next room to find an Elixir. Keep walking to pass a car with beds and head to the next room to find a Chrome Bit. In the next room you will find a Mega Phoenix, Debased Banknote, Hi-Elixir and Rusted Bit. Head to the next room to find an Electrolytic Condensor and a Gralean Medal of Distinction. Head back to the car where your friends are and then go to the next room, past the car with the bunks, you'll come to a room with a Mega Potion on the fire extinguisher. You'll wait a bit and receive a call and your journey will resume in Breath of the Glacian.




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