Key Items



Key Items are Items in Final Fantasy XV that are essential to the story's progression via Quests. They are various items that also belong to different item categories such as Outfits. They are typically not available commercially and are acquired over the course of the game or are present as starting items.





Oracle Ascension Coin A coin issed to commemorate Lunafreya's ascension as the Oracle. It is a limited run minting. Hammerhead
Longwythe Rest Area
Galdin Quay
Prairie Outpost
Corenix Station – Alstor
Keycatrich Trench
Corenix Station – Cauthess
Wiz Chocobo Post
Cauthess Rest Area
Taelpar Rest Area
Burbost Souvenir Emporium
Meldacio Hunter HQ
Verinas MArt – Ravatogh
Fociaugh Hollow
Daurell Cavern
Costlemark Tower
Pitioss Ruins
Steyliff Grovve
Glacial Grotto
The Myrlwood
Malmalam Thicket
The Rock of Ravatogh
Balouve Mines
Fociaugh Hollow Maze (Chapter 15)
Daurell Caverns Maze (Chapter 15)
Costlemark Tower maze (Chapter 15)
Glacial Grotto Maze (Chapter 15)
Steyliff Grove maze (Chapter 15)
Keycatrich Trench Maze (Chapter 15)
Balouve Mines maze (Chapter 15)
Crestholm Channels Maze (Chapter 15)
Lodging Coupon   Pre-Order Bonus
Gas Coupon   Pre-Order Bonus
LOKTON LX-X1R   Pre-Order Bonus
Cindy's Parcel   The Errand Prince
Infernian's Shard   Reunion and Recovery
Enticing Truffle   Up Close and Personal (Tour)
Volcanic Bouquet   A Flower for Iris (Tour)
Broken Dog Tag   Gone Hunting (Dave)
Bent Dog Tag   Dust to Dust (Dave)
Rusted Dog Tag   Final Resting Plains (Dave)
Scorched Dog Tag   A Rocky End (Dave)
Polished Dog Tag   Mountains of Misfortune (Dave)
Behemoth Round   The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Glimmering Zu Egg   The Perfect Cup (Gladio)
Sealbreaker's Key   Menace Beneath Lucis
Rainbow Frog   The Frog of Legend
Yellow Frog   The Professor's Protoge – Yellow Frogs
Red Frog   The Professor's Protoge
Myrlwood Firefly   The Professor's Protoge – Myrlwood Firefly
Food Shipment   Lestallum's Finest
Prissok's Package   Van Interrupted
Prissok's Package   Van Interrupted Again
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery I (Leide)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery II (Leide)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery III (Leide)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery IV (Leide)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery V (Leide)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery VI (Duscae)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery VII (Duscae)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery VIII (Duscae)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery IX (Cleigne)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery X (Cleigne)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery XI (Cleigne)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery XII (Cleigne)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery XIII (Cleigne)
Mystery Map   Scraps of Mystery XIV (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map   X Marks the Spot (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece A   Scraps of Mystery I (Leide)
Sylvester's Map Piece B   Scraps of Mystery II (Leide)
Sylvester's Map Piece C   Scraps of Mystery III (Leide)
Sylvester's Map Piece D   Scraps of Mystery IV (Leide)
Sylvester's Map Piece E   Scraps of Mystery V (Leide)
Sylvester's Map Piece F   Scraps of Mystery VI (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece G   Scraps of Mystery VII (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece H   Scraps of Mystery VIII (Duscae)
Sylvester's Map Piece I   Scraps of Mystery IX (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece J   Scraps of Mystery X (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece K   Scraps of Mystery XI (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece L   Scraps of Mystery XII (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece M   Scraps of Mystery XIII (Cleigne)
Sylvester's Map Piece N   Scraps of Mystery XIV (Cleigne)
Garnet Stone   A Gentleman's Agreement
Heliodor Stone   A Stone-Studded Stunner (Dino)
Sapphire Stone   Reliable Royalty (Dino)
Ruby Stone   No Pain No Gem (Dino)
Emerald Stone   A Treasure Beyond Measure (Dino)
Coctura's Cat Food   Kitty Catering
Monica's Cat Food   A Feline Feast
Luxury Cat Food   JM Market – Caem
Warped Wings   Engaging the Empire (Aracheole Stronghold)
Unstable Stabilizer   Imperial Infiltration (Fort Vaullerey)
Strange Engine   Formouth Garrison
Cid's Old Hammer   A Better Engine Blade III
Randolph Collection Item: Jet-Black Beak   A Legend is Born (Randolph)
Randolph Collection Item: Marlboro Tentacle   Dreadful Legend (Randolph)
Randolph Collection Item: Chef's Knife   Legend Wrapped in an Enigma (Randolph)
Randolph Collection Item: Resplendent Hollowborn   Cursed Legend (Randolph)
Randolph Collection Item: Squirming Bone   Wondrous Weapon (Randolph)
Cactuar Statuette   Wiz Chocobo Post -Post Kiosk
Cactuar Model   Lestallum – Veenon's Pantry
Cactuar Sculpture   JM Market – Altissia
Cactuar Effigy   Formouth Garrison
Casual Outfit Simpe, casual Crown City made clothes. Perfectly suited for spending time outdoors.  
Crownsguard Fatigues The battle garb of the Crownsguard, issued at the induction ceremony. The black design is all business.  
Crown City Smartphone Smartphone belonging to Noctis. Official Crownsguard issue. Not available immediately. From the start
Tombkeep's Key   The Power of Kings
Mark of the Archaean   The Trial of Titan
Mark of the Fulgurian   The Trial of Ramuh
Mythril Ore   Party of Tree
Mythril Component   A Precious Source of Power
Moogle Plushie   Brave New World
Map of Accordio   Altissia City on the Sea
Messenger's Amulet   The Summit
Mark of the Hydraean   The Trial of Leviathan
Ring of the Lucii   The Trial of Leviathan
Lover's Notebook   The Trial of Leviathan
Ignis's Cane   The Hand of the King
Generator Key   The Hand of the King
Mark of the Glacian   Breath of the Glacian
Security Card   A King's Struggle
Panel B Card Key   A King's Struggle
Panel C Card Key   A King's Struggle
Elevator Key   A King's Struggle
Scribbed Note   Zegnautius Keep
Mark of the Draconian   Reunion and Recovery
Magic Flask Spherical container used to store magic crafted from elemental energy. Hunter Becomes the Hunted
Burden of Expectation
Sword in the Waterfall (speak to Jared)
The Hexatheon's Blessing
Brave New World (talk to Cor at the Dock)
Fociaugh Hollow
Steyliff Grove
Cape Caem
The Rock of Ravatogh
Pitioss Ruins
LOKTON LK-30 An oldstyle camera, Prompto has been carrying with him at all times since he left Insomnia. From the start
Prince's Fatigues The battle garb of the Lucian prince. Every piece of the ensemble was made to order, from the sleeves down to the socks.  
World Map An enourmous map received from Cindy. It covers the continents encompassing Lucis and Nilfheim. The Pauper Prince
Red Tusk A tusk taken from the carcass of a wild beast. A rare find, even among dedicated hunters. The Mutant Marauder
Sealed Envelope An envelope received from the motel clerk, addressed to the Head Hunter at Meldacio Hunter HQ. It makes a clinking sound when shaken. The Errand Prince
Intricate Coin A curious coin received from a man encountered in Galdin Quay, it is stamped with exquisite designs. The Errand Prince
756-V-17th Morning Edition A newspaper picked up at the Galdin Quay hotel. The dramatic headline reads, "INSOMNIA FALLS." III Tidings
Amethyst Stone A rough, uncut gemstone. It is not worth much as is, but an amateur artisan might be able to polish it into something precious. The Aspiring Artisan (Dino)
Sealed Doors Key Use to open the sealed doors in Dungeons. Endgame item. Acquire from Ezma at Meldacio Hunter HQ

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