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Legacy is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Cor confirms Noctis's fear that his father, King Regis, has been slain. Struggling to come to terms, the four friends leave the hilltop behind to meet the marshal and plot their next step."


Legacy Objectives

  1. Gather information at the Prairie Outpost.
  2. Join Cor at the Tomb of the Wise.



Legacy Rewards

  • 400 XP



Legacy Walkthrough


With all that has transpired, Noctis and the crew must seek out what is left of the Kingsguard to help them proceed. Return to Hammerhead and speak to Cid in the garage to learn about his past. He will tell you that Cor is waiting for you in the tombs beyond the Prairie Outpost. Before heading out, check in with any Side Quests from the diner if you'd like. 


 Make your way to the Prairie Outpost and see Monica inside who will fill you in on what's happening as well as give you a handy Magic Flask for storing any Magic you create in Elemancy. She'll then send you on your way to meet with Cor. Head up the path where you will be beset by several Daggerquill. Use your warp strike here and take them out or wait for them to swoop down low. Ahead you will encounter more of the pesky birds so be wary.


Enter the Tomb of the Wise to meet up with Cor where you will discover the truth. Embrace your destiny and take the powerful Sword of the Wise, one of the Royal Arms. Your journey now continues in The Power of Kings.




  • Monica is a member of the Crownsguard
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