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Legend Wrapped in an Enigma is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"To craft the ultimate weapon, a great evil must be slain. No one said creating legends was easy - which is why Noctis must vanqquish the mysterious tonberry knight daemons and bring back material for a new weapon."


Legend Wrapped in an Enigma Targets

  • Sir Tonberry x2



Legend Wrapped in an Enigma Rewards



Legend Wrapped in an Enigma Walkthrough

  • Randolph's third quest is to take out two Sir Tonberries that roam outside the tomb of the Tall in the south of Duscae, but only at night. Sir Tonberry is weak against Daggers attack and Light magic and resistant to Greatswords and Fire, Ice and Lightning Magic so prepare accordingly. The Sir Tonberry regularly perform long sword combos or rapid lunge attacks that all lead to a very narrow parry opportunity. It's not advisable to attack them while they are doing their combo, so defend consistently and give your full attention to parry prompts. Use your best dagger and have Ignis use Enchantment to enchant your weapon to the target's weakness element, which is light. Try to focus in one Sir Tonberry for the meantime. Defend, parry then attack, rinse and repeat then use the same strategy on the second Sir Tonberry.  
  • Due to the location there is a good chance of being able to summon Leviathan during the fight. If used this will hit the Tonberry's for half of their health.



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