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Lestallum's Finest is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"An important ingredient is available only in the thriving market town of Lestallum Takka is too busy to make the trip, so he requests Noctis to go in his steady."


Lestallum's Finest Objectives

  1. Buy the ingredients
  2. Find the abandoned shipment
  3. Deliver the shipment to the store
  4. Deliver the ingredients to Takka.



Lestallum's Finest Rewards



Lestallum's Finest Walkthrough

  • After taking to Takka, head to Lestallum and speak to the Furlock Farm owner, one of the proprietor in Lestallum's market (the fattest one). After taking to the proprietor, head to the quest marker, north of Coernix Station - Cauthess. The shipment is guarded by a Garulessa and a herd of Garulas, clear the area and retrieve the shipment and deliver it back to the proprietor in Lestallum's market and then you can head back to Takka in Hammerhead to finish this quest.




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