Libra is a Combat term in Final Fantasy XV.


Libra Information

  • Scanning ability that Noctis and Ignis have. Lock onto the target in Wait Mode. A circular gauge will fill and the Enemy's information will be revealed. Ignis' Analyze can perform this same function. The info revealed is the creature's elemental strengths and weaknesses. This is described through a color which appears around the creature white being a baseline not weak or  strong in regards to a spell, orange showing a weakness to a certain spell or type of spell, and purple showing resistance to a spell or type of spell.

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    • Anonymous

      14 Feb 2017 04:11  

      I think it's the other way around no? Orange shows which spells/weapons the monster is weak against, while purple show which weapons/spells it is resistant against.

      • Anonymous

        11 Dec 2016 22:12  

        When you activate wait mode and scan their weaknesses, what is the icon all the way to the right? I know all the rest theyre self explanitory, but idk the last one

        • Anonymous

          09 Dec 2016 17:11  

          Not a dumb question because I had the same one and it took a couple of fights figure it out , when Libra is open it seemed that the purple icons with the down arrow Indicate that the enemy Will resist these type of attacks more , meaning they will do less damage . The orange icons with the up arrow appear to do the opposite , meaning that they will cause more damage . The main way that I came to this conclusion is by using libra and whatever sword showed the orange symbol with the up arrow , I equipped and when I attack the enemy The damage amount number , would come up in orange and be a higher value than it normally is when the number appears in white.
          I hope this is helpful and correct because like I stated this is just an average gamer trying to figure out the same thing you are .

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