Liege of the Lake




Capitis Haven

Quest Giver




Liege of the Lake is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Gladiolus proposes that he and Noctis go on an excursion to the Vesperpool to fish up the Liege of the Lake. An avid angler, the prince enthusiastically agrees."


Liege of the Lake Objectives

  1. Head to the fishing spot.
  2. Capture the Liege of the Lake



Liege of the Lake Rewards



Liege of the Lake Walkthrough

  • You get this quest when you camp at the Capitis Haven campsite near the Vesperpool. Be atleast lvl 8 with Fishing. You also need Death Spin rod, Nereid reel(or even better, the Llymlaen reel you can get from the monsterfighs in Altissia.) and the Dragons Beard fishing line. 
  • The Liege bits on different lures, so go nuts. Try the Stinker: Malboro lure.
  • Have lots of patience for this one, ONLY reel when the fish isnt struggling, and pay REALLY close attention to his direction to keep him from straining your line too much. Expect atleast 15-20 min of fighting to get this sucker on land.




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