Living off the Land


Side Quests


Cape Caem

Quest Giver




Living off the Land is a Quest in Final Fantasy XV


"Iris has furnished Noctis with seeds so he can grow carrots at their plot in Caem."


Living off the Land Objectives

  1. Sow seeds
  2. Harvest crops when they are ready



Living off the Land Rewards



Living off the Land Walkthrough

  • speak to Iris at Cape Caem after you reach Chapter 8 to unlock this quest. Head to the plot next to the house (left side of the house) and plant the seeds you received from Iris. Rest for one night and come back next day to harvest the carrots.




  • The number of carrots you harvest depends with the weather. Basically the better the weather the better the harvest.

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      I have a bug prob. Iris received the flowers and the qyest marker won't go away, anyway to get rid of this ? Please help its pretty frustrating thanks.

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