MA-X Angelus-0

Level 99 vs. Swords -
XP 22,108 vs. Greatswords -
Libra IMM vs. Polearms -
Parry - vs. Daggers  
Size Large vs. Firearms -
HP 202,000 vs. Shields +20%
Strength 152,300 vs. Machines +20%
Vitality 2,959 vs. Fire -
Spirit 5,125 vs. Ice -
Imm Instant Death, Alterna, Poison, Stop vs. Lightning -
Res - vs. Light IMM

MA-X Angelus-0 is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


MA-X Angelus-0 Information



MA-X Angelus-0 Locations

  • Landing craft drops from Chapter 15 onward around many parts of the map, like behind Hammerhead. 



MA-X Angelus-0 Drops




  • As of patch 1.07 with the ring of lucii buff you can use Alterna for an easy kill
  • When Max Angelus uses one of the part of his body to attack, like the missiles launchers and the eletric slash, try aiming at these parts (try using the Wait Mode for that) because they will be vulnerable.
  • Use Enhancement from Ignis. It will, for an unknown reason (we don't know why this game mechanic works), make Max vulnerable to the element you Enchanced Noctis. This means you can cast a spell at Max (Maxicast - Limit Break, is a good idea).




  • Employs Lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting shocked status.
  • Body part modifiers: -90% damage from all damage types (all body parts), rocket launcher invulnerable to damage until it is used. Rocket launcher, when used becomes available to be damaged and does not have any damage reduction.
  • Break effects: Weapon destroyed (destructible weapons 10%)

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