MA-X Patria

Level 76 vs. Swords -
XP 4780 vs. Greatswords -
Libra IMM vs. Polearms -
Parry - vs. Daggers  
Size Large vs. Firearms -
HP 201,400 vs. Shields +20%
Strength 92,930 vs. Machines +20%
Vitality 684 vs. Fire -
Spirit 4,762 vs. Ice -
Imm Instant Death, Alterna, Poison, Stop vs. Lightning -
Res - vs. Light IMM

MA-X Patria is an Enemy in Final Fantasy XV


MA-X Patria Information



MA-X Patria Locations

  • Landing craft drops from Chapter 05 onward after you've defeated a MA-X Maniple



MA-X Patria Drops




  • Firearm resistant equipment well help reduce damage from its Aerial burst attack. Which will usually trigger  upon attacking it with aerial attacks.
  • It is a good idea to have a high stock of items as this fight can take a long time depending on your level if you choose to fight.
  • ??
  • ??




  • Employs Lightning-elemental attacks capable of inflicting shocked status. It can be parried.
  • Body part modifiers: -90% damage from all damage types (legs), -30% damage from all damage types (arms), -10% damage from all damage types (hands).
  • Break effects: Weapon destroyed (destructible weapons 10%)

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    • Anonymous

      At ch3 lv45. Pretty close to spending my very last drop of freaking potions with my armpits breaking big sweats before bringing this bad boy down to its knees...... After that, RNG thinks I deserved the hydraulic cylinder x_x

      • Anonymous

        I'm only on Chapter 3 and these things are now spawning (albeit rarely); I believe I had already defeated the MA-X Maniple near an empire outpost so it must be independent of what chapter you're on.

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