Magic Flask



Magic Flask is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Magic Flask Information


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Magic Flask Effect

  • Magic Flasks are containers that store Elemental Magic after you craft them via Elemancy. You begin the game with 1 flask and must find more. Once they store a spell, they act as a thrown explosive. The spell is expended and the flask returns to your inventory, empty.
  • They are difficult to find in the world, and are can be acquired as rewards for Quests or by exploring the world.


Where to Find\Location


Tactical Strategies

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    • Anonymous

      One can be found in the building just before the lighthouse on the Cape Caem coast in the southern part of the map. Another one can be obtained by talking to Talcott, the grandfather of the boy in Lestallum who gives you the The Sword in the Waterfall main quest in chapter 3. Speak with him after obtaining the quest from the boy and he'll give you one as part of his dialogue.

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