Meals or Recipes are Items in Final Fantasy XV that can be prepared at Camps. They provide different benefits to the party depending on what they are, and are prepared using Ingredients acquired during the game. 

Players can consume meals at camps for buffs, by first obtaining ingredients from Merchants and Enemies and finding or unlocking recipes or by eating at a diner. Ignis is the party's cook and his cooking level determines the recipes he can prepare. The more he cooks, the more his Cooking Skill levels up, unlocking new recipes for preparation. Other recipes can be found scattered across the world.  Different meals boost different stats and each of the main Characters has their favorite meal which can be prepared for extra benefits. Consult the following table for the various recipes, their effects and the cooking level and ingredients required to prepare them:





Recipe Location/Cost

Veggie Medley Stew Level 2: Attack Boost, increases attack by 20.
Level 3: HP Boost, increases max HP by 150.
Flame-Roasted Toast Level 1: Attack Boost, increases attack by 10. N/A  
Toasty Rice Ball Level 1: HP Boost, increases max HP by 50. N/A  
Egg in the Basket Level 3: Attack Boost, increases attack by 30  
Kenny's Fries

Level 6: HP Boost +300.

  150 gil
Kenny's Salmon

Level 15: Attack Boost +150
Level 20: Defense Boost +200

  1480 gil
Jetty's Poisonproof: Prevents Poison
Toadproof: Prevents Toad
Croque Madame Attack Boost: Increases attack by 30 Unlocked with lvl 1 cooking skill
Spicy Long-Bone Rib Steak Attack Boost: Increases attack by 50
HP Boost: Increase maximum HP by 300
Crispy Cheese Pizza      
Free-Range Fowl Over Rice Level 1: Regen Boost
Level 10: Attack Boost 
Level 10: HP Boost 

Chili con Carne Level 1: HP Boost +50
Level 2: Attack Boost +20
Leiden Jambalaya Level 15: Attack Boost +150
Level 4: HP Boost +200
Level 1: Regen Boost +20%
Galdin Gratin Fresh: Boosts all stats and XP earned by 10%
Level 10: HP Boost +500
White Fish in Tomato Sauce Level 16: Attack Boost +160
Level 18: HP Boost +900
Poisonproof: Prevents poison
Sea's Bounty Risotto Level 1: Regen Boost +20%
Level 12: Attack Boost +120
Level 12: HP Boost +600
Steamed Crab with Rock Salt Resistant: Nullifies fire, ice and lightning attacks.    
Burly Bean Bowl Level 4: Attack Boost +40
Level 6: HP Boost +300
Grilled Wild Trevally Level 2: HP Boost +100
Level 7: Attack Boost +70

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