Metal Scrap



Metal Scrap is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Metal Scrap Information


"A piece of metal of unknown origin, it could be sold for a small amount of gil."


Metal Scrap Uses



Where to Find/Location

  • Purchase from shop in ??
  • Galdin Quay, restaurant at end of pier in a potted plant in the bar.
  • Behind the red brick building at the Outpost.
  • Longwythe Rest Area, behind the diner near the crates and rubbish bins.
  • In Hammerhead. Stand in front of the garage and face the road. There are two large barrels by the cars. The  metal scrap is between them. 
  • In Hammerhead, at the end of the alley between the garage and the general store. The metal scrap is between some tires and barrels. 



Tactical Strategies

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




  • ??
  • ??
  • ??

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