Moogle Charm




Moogle Charm is an Item in Final Fantasy XV


Moogle Charm Information


"An amulet decorated with a picture of a Moogle. Increases EXP earned."


Moogle Charm Effect

  • EXP +20%



Where to Find/Location

  • Crestholm Channels, - when entering go right side down the ramp and turn 180 and go under ramp, can be found at a end end on pipes 
  • Daurell Caverns, - when entering go right, then squeese through the rocks, drop down twice, keep going till you run into the poison pods and a thunder resource spot. It will be on a little island next to the wall 
  • Costlemark Tower, -  keep going until you get to the bottom, you will find a thunder resource, it will be next to it 
  • Pitioss Ruins, it the room with the moving skull spike platform
  • Daurell Caverns (Chapter 15) - secret dungeon, will be at 1st camp site
  • Justice Monsters Five reward - collect 40 boxes (in altissia, works infinitely)
  • From Iris - Sleep at Lambath Haven, pick flowers with Glado, deliver flowers to receive 
  • On one of the bent stone sculptures, near the chocobo farm



Tactical Strategies

  • ??
  • ??
  • ??




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  • ??

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    • Anonymous

      There is another you can get as soon as you hit Chapter 3. It is near the chocobo racetracks (near the Wiz Chocobo Post, west of The Malacchi Hills). When on the race track, look up and you'll see the giant archs of stone, it is on top of the one further east (the western one has some other item). You can just run up the end of it and run across it until you see it in the middle of it.

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